Scientific Program

Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 20th International Conference on Nutrition, Food Science and Technology Dubai, UAE.

Day 1 :

Keynote Forum

Ozlem Tokusoglu

Celal Bayar University,Turkey

Keynote: Keynote Forum

Time : 9:30-10:15

Conference Series Food Technology Congress 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker Ozlem Tokusoglu photo

Tokuşoğlu has completed her PhD at Ege University Engineering Faculty, Dept of Food Engineering at 2001. She is currently working as Associate Professor Dr  faculty member  in Celal Bayar University  Engineering Faculty Department of Food Engineering. Tokuşoğlu performed a visiting scholar at the Food Science and Nutrition Department /University of Florida, Gainesville-Florida-USA during 1999-2000 and  as visiting professor at the School of Food Science, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington,USA during  April-May 2010.  She has published many papers in peer reviewed journals and serving as an editorial board member of selected journals. Tokuşoğlu published the scientific edited three International book entitled Fruit and Cereal Bioactives: Chemistry, Sources and Applications  and entitled Improved Food Quality with Novel Food Processing by CRC Press, Taylor & Francis,USA Publisher, third book Food By-Product Based Functional Food Powders ; Dr Tokusoglu also published three national books entitled Frying Oil Science and Tehnology; Cacao and Chocolate Science and Technology and  Special Fruit Olive: Chemistry, Quality and Technology. She organized and/or  administered as Conference Chair  at many conferences and congress in various parts of USA and Europe.  She is Nutrition and food Technology Group Chair of ConferenceSeries LLC, USA


Novel Applications in Nutrition and Food Science:  Fortificated Vitamins and Polyphenols of Innovative Industrial Foods and Nutraceuticals

The necessity of fortificated bioactive vitamins carotenoids, and polyphenolic compounds (flavonoids etc.) has been accelerated the development of innovations in the food industry, generating the so-called “functional foods” and “nutraceuticals“; these are primary importance for human nutrition.   Novel processing applications may influence the quality and effectiveness of mentioned nutrients ;  bioactives in processed foods can undergo to  loss or increasing after storage and transportation.

Novel non-thermal technologies (e.g. ultrasounds, high-hydrostatic pressure-HHP, pulsed electric field-PEF) promise to treat foods without decomposing the nutritional constituents and sensorial properties that are normally affected during heat treatment. The implementation of novel technologies together with other trends and practices of the food industry (containing microencapsulation, food waste recovery, food by product based powders) have been brought new developments and state of the art in the industrial foods field.

Keywords:  Bioactive Vitamins, Polyphenols, Innovation, HHP, US, PEF, Food Powders, Microencapsulation, Nutraceutical