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About City

About City:

The major city is Vienna, and Wean is one of Austria's nine states. Vienna is Austria's most populous city and its main metropolis, with around one-third of the country's inhabitants (2.9 million) residing in the metropolitan region. It also serves as the political, economic, and cultural centre of the nation. It is the fifth-largest city in terms of population in the European Union and the biggest city on the Danube.

Prior to the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in World War I, Vienna had a population of two million, making it the largest German-speaking city in the world up to the start of the 20th century. After Berlin, it is currently Germany's second-largest city. Vienna is the home of many.

The city consists of a 3 million-person metropolitan area that also includes the neighbouring city of Bratislava. The city's was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

Vienna also has a rich musical history and is referred to as the "City of Music" due to the fact that many notable classical musicians, including Beethoven and Mozart, made Vienna home.


Since the Danube location was inhabited by Celts about 500 BC, there has been evidence of ongoing human occupancy in the Vienna region. To protect their empire from Germanic tribes to the north, the Romans constructed the frontier city they called Vindobona in 15 BC.

Through the ages, there were still close relationships with other Celtic peoples. Saint Fergil (Virgil the Geometer), who presided as the bishop of Salzburg for forty years, is buried in Melk Abbey along with the Irish monk Saint Colman (also known as Koloman or Koloman, Irish Colmán, derived from colm "dove"). Irish Benedictines established monastic communities in the twelfth century; proof of these connections can still be found at Vienna's enormous Schottenstift abbey (Scots Abbey), which previously housed many Irish monks.


Vienna is one of the wealthiest regions in the European Union: Its gross regional product of EUR 47,200 per capita constituted 25.7% of Austria's GDP in 2013. It amounts to 159% of the EU average. The city improved its position from 2012 on the ranking of the most economically powerful cities reaching number nine on the listing in 2015.

With a share of 85.5% in gross value added, the service sector is Vienna's most important economic sector. Industry and commerce have a share of 14.5% in gross value added; the primary sector (agriculture) has a share of 0.07% and therefore plays a minor role in the local added value. However, the cultivation and production of wines within the city borders have a high socio-cultural value. The most important business sectors are trade (14.7% of added value in Vienna), scientific and technological services, real estate and housing activities as well as manufacturing of goods. In 2012, Vienna's contribution in Austria's outgoing and incoming foreign direct investments was of about 60%, which demonstrates Vienna's role as an international hub for domestic and foreign companies.


Oceanic climate (Köppen classification Cfb) can be found in Vienna. The city experiences warm summers with intermittent precipitation that peaks annually in July and August (66.6 and 66.5 mm, respectively) and average high temperatures of about 21 to 27 °C (70 to 81 °F) from June to September, with a maximum maximum exceeding 38 °C (100 °F) and a minimum record of 5.6 °C (42 °F) in September. The average temperature during the rather dry and chilly winters is close to freezing. Autumn is cold with the possibility of snowfalls as early as November, while spring is unpredictable.






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