Pediatric and Maternal Nutrition

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Right nutrition in early days of life is very important. Nutritional requirements are different for kids and adults in the family. They are in their growing age, they need balanced nutrition but not only high calorie foods. Due to lack of nutrition especially during critical periods of growth, results in improper development or illness, such as anemia from deficiency of iron or scurvy from deficiency of vitamin C. Nutrition plays a major role in childhood development, for good or ill. Proper nutrition helps for proper growth and development of children and enabling them to reach their full potential.

Maternal deficiencies of some micronutrients can affect the quality of breastmilk.These deficiencies can be avoided if the mother improves her diet before, during, and between cycles of pregnancy and lactation, or takes supplements.

Breastfeeding and alternatives

Caring practices

Human Milk

Infant Nutrient Assimilation




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